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It is not known for sure if Boudicca drank poison but in some stories it has been said she and her daughters drank hemlock. Some say she died of an unknown illness.

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Q: Where did boudicca find her poison?
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What was Boudicca famous for?

For being a British Celtic Warrior Queen --- Boudicca was a queen of the Iceni tribe in AD 61. She lead a revolt against the Romans after her husband died when they attempted to annex her territory. As punishment the Romans publicly flogged her and raped her daughters and called in loans that had been made by her husband. In reply Boudicca raised an army and marched toward Londinium (London). The Roman empire sent re-enforcements and eventually the revolt was put down at the battle of Wattling street. To prevent her capture Boudicca committed suicide.

Is there a ghost of boudicca?

Yes there is a ghost of queen Boudicca. Her ghost has been spotted periodically throughout the years. Sightings of her have included in and around Theydon Bois (Essex) Iron age hillfort in the epping forest.Her daughters have also been sighted with her in this area. Boudicca and her soldiers are reported to haunt the icknield way in Ipsden (oxfordshire) along with some Roman soldiers. Other places where Queen Boudicca's ghost has been sighted include Cammeringham Lincolnshire in the area around Ermine street, where she travels around the village. Boudicca's ghost has also been seen at the Ambresbury Hillfort in Essex. There are numerous reports of her loitering in the area. So yes, Boudicca's ghost is still haunting Britain, maybe she has unfinished business or she can't rest because the Britons lost the battle with the Romans and she can't deal with it. It is hard to say....I guess that is a question that we would have to ask Boudicca herself.

Who was the king of the Iceni Celtic tribe?

theres no anwers

Why did boudicca poison herself?

Boudica killed herself because she could not bear to live in a nation under Roman rule after her Celtic rebellion had been crushed. The might of the Roman Army had utterly decimated her armed forces, and there was no longer any hope of overthrowing the oppression by Rome of the Celtic peoples, or even of entering into a negociated deal that would have allowed them more freedom and a degree of autonomy. She and her two daughters died by drinking poison in either A.D.60 or 61, but the location of their burial sites is not known.

Where did Boudicca march to?

next was Londinium (London) then Verulamium (St Albans)

Related questions

Where did boudicca get poison from?

Boudicca got the poison from a friend

When Boudicca drank the poison did she know that it was poison?

Yes. She likely committed suicide by poison.

What year did Boudicca Poison herself?

probably 61 AD

What type of poison did boudicca drink?

Boudicca drank poison because she did not want to get tortured by the Romans.

Did Boudicca's daughters take the poison too?

No they were taken to a neighbouring tribe

Why did Queen Boudicca die?

By some accounts she took poison to prevent herself from being captured by the Romans.

Where did Queen Boudicca die?

Queen Boudicca's final moments came at an unknown battlefield somewhere in the Midlands, where suffering a massive defeat she persuaded her daughters to drink 'hemlock', before taking the poison herself, rather than fall into the hands of the Romans.

Was Boudicca a Celt or a Roman?

Boudicca was a Celt.

Is Boudicca Scottish?

Boudicca was not Scottish. She was English.

How do you think boudicca's warriors felt after the Romans had defeated them?

When the Romans defeated Queen Boudicca, the leader of the Celtic Civilization, her warriors and herself must have felt very disappointed and they soon gave up. For a woman, Queen Boudicca was very strong. She was very fearless and had killed many Romans herself. But when they defeated her, she drank poison and killed herself rather than be taken prisoner by the ruthless Romans.

What was the date of boudicca's death?

51bc because she got caught by the romans and didn't want to be a slave for them so she drank deadly poison and died aday after on the 3rd july

When was boudicca alive?

30AD is when she lived. There are conflicting information about her death. Some historians believe she died from wounds she got in battle while other think she took poison.