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Queen Boudicca

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Q: Who was the king of the Iceni Celtic tribe?
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What was Boudicca famous for?

For being a British Celtic Warrior Queen --- Boudicca was a queen of the Iceni tribe in AD 61. She lead a revolt against the Romans after her husband died when they attempted to annex her territory. As punishment the Romans publicly flogged her and raped her daughters and called in loans that had been made by her husband. In reply Boudicca raised an army and marched toward Londinium (London). The Roman empire sent re-enforcements and eventually the revolt was put down at the battle of Wattling street. To prevent her capture Boudicca committed suicide.

Was the Iceni Tribe good?

were the aboriginies good ?? the maori ?? well, the Romans were taking over Britain, and they were just trying to stop it. so they were just standing up for themselves, and yes i consider them to be pretty cool for that.

Why did boudicca poison herself?

Boudica killed herself because she could not bear to live in a nation under Roman rule after her Celtic rebellion had been crushed. The might of the Roman Army had utterly decimated her armed forces, and there was no longer any hope of overthrowing the oppression by Rome of the Celtic peoples, or even of entering into a negociated deal that would have allowed them more freedom and a degree of autonomy. She and her two daughters died by drinking poison in either A.D.60 or 61, but the location of their burial sites is not known.

Which tribe is in the san gabriel mission?

The tongva tribe was the tribe in the san gabriel mission. the people in the mission had also called them gabrielinos.

What is the shortest tribe in the world?

That would be the Pygmee tribe in South Africa.

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