Was the Iceni Tribe good

Updated: 4/28/2022
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were the aboriginies good ?? the maori ??

well, the Romans were taking over Britain, and they were just trying to stop it. so they were just standing up for themselves, and yes i consider them to be pretty cool for that.

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Q: Was the Iceni Tribe good
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What was Boudicca's tribe called?

The tribe known to the Romans as the Iceni.

Which warrior queen led the iceni tribe?

Boudicca led the iceni tribe in Britain

How do you spell Iceni?

The spelling Iceni is an ancient Celtic tribe.

Which tribe was Boudica queen of?

she was the queen of the Iceni tribe

What is 16's tribe?


What was the tribe of bodiccia called?


What tribe did Boudicca lead?

The Iceni, who lived in the area known as East Agnlia

What was Boudica's profession?

Boudica was the Queen of the Iceni tribe.

What is Boadicea queen of?

The Iceni A Celtic British tribe.

Who did Boudicca Mary?

Boudicca was married to the Iceni king, Pratsutagus.

Was Boudica a Celt?

Yes, she was a member of the Celtic tribe the 'Iceni'.

Was boadicea a Roman?

No, Boadicea was a queen of the Iceni tribe in Britain.