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People were out in the south and worked in the fields. The sun was hot, so they got red necks. Hence the name, 'redneck.'

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Actually came from coal miner workers in West Virginia who red bandanas around their necks to signify they were members of the Coal Miners Union.

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Q: Where did term redneck come from?
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What are some nasty redneck jokes?

you know your a redneck when you come from a rural area and act as such

How do you say redneck in french?

The term "redneck" does not have a direct translation in French. It could be loosely translated as "pΓ©quenaud" or "plouc," but these may not capture the full meaning or connotations of the English term.

Is hick a racist term for redneck?

No, 'redneck' is not a racist term; people from the southern USA are not a different race. For the benefit of the asker, I will expand on Nij's excellent answer by saying that although the term "redneck" is not considered racist in itself, it is normally seen as a degrading or disparaging word to describe a male of low intelligence and abnormally racist character, and usually from certain southern US states.

What does tater mean?

tater is the redneck term meaning weener

Are all white people rednecks?

No. Redneck is a term referring to poor, white, southern farmers, although many southern people take redneck as a complement.

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How do you define a Redneck?

Jeff Foxworthy has come up with a careers worth of "you might be a redneck" jokes but they don't really tell the story. The term "redneck" used to imply someone who worked outdoors for a living and had a sunburned neck. To many these days it means someone who cherishes his/her freedom, wants less interference from the government and more or less just wants to be left alone to take care of themselves and their family.

What year did redneck women come out?

Redneck Woman' is a debut song by Gretchen Wilson and it was released in 2004. It was the lead-off single to her multi platinum debut album 'Here for the Party'.

How did term redneck originate?

from miners who wore red neck "bandana's. They were protesting mining conditions.

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How can you become a redneck?

you cant become a redneck you have to be born into it. but we all have a little redneck in us.

What do you have to do to be a redneck?

The term redneck originally just meant a farmer, whose neck got sunburned because he was out in the sun all day working in the field. Nowadays, a redneck means an ignorant person, usually from the Southern US. A redneck is believed to be someone who owns a pickup truck, has hunting dogs, owns several rifles (which are stored in a rack in the truck), drinks a lot of cheap beer, and does stupid things. The joke goes like this: What was the last thing the redneck said? "Hey y'all, watch this!"