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The President of the United States is the Commander in Chief of the US Military according to the Constitution. Since the president has no military rank, a special title was created for the position.

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The term president is a derivative of the Latin word praesident. The United States began using this word to indicate the highest political office of the country.

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Q: Where did the term president of the US come from?
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What is the term for the US president and Mali president?

The US president has a term of 4 years and can serve 2 terms. The president of Mali has a term of 5 years and can serve 2 terms.

How much money does the president earn after his term?

AFTER HIS TERM, The US President earning is $200,000.00 and The US Vice president would earn $150,000.00

What are the terms for the president the house and the senate of the US?

The term for a US President is 4 years, with a 2 term limit. The term for a US Senator is 6 years, with no term limits, and the term for a US Representative is 2 years, also, with no term limits.

How long is a term of office for a US vice-president?

The term is four years and coincides with the president's term.

How is the term of a president?

US presidents have a 4-year term.

What is the term of the president in the US?

Four years

What is the term of office of the President of of the US?

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If you are president how many times can you run?

If you are currently in office as the US President, and your term is or has been more than two years, you can run for one more term. The 22nd Amendment to the US Constitution, establishes a two term limit for the office of the US President.

What is the term of offices of the president of the US?

The President's term of office is 4 years. A person may be President for no more than 2 terms.

How much does the US president earn in a term?

A US President earns $1.6 millions US dollars during a full 4-year term, not including benefits and expenses.

Who assumes the duties of US President if he is unable to complete his term?

the vice president

Who was The vice president of the third president of the us?

The third president, Thomas Jefferson, had Aaron Burr as vice president for his first term and George Clinton for his second term.