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The British focused attacking the Capitol by burning it and ransacking it.

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The south

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Q: Where did the british focus their efforts after the french entered the war?
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If president grant was busy with scandals what is likely to happen to his focus on reconstruction efforts in the south?

If President Grant was busy with scandals, what is likely to happen to his focus on Reconstructionefforts in the South?

Why did the british shift their focus to the south affter the defeat at saratoga?

Instead of sending more troops and supplies, British officials hoped that many Loyalists in America would rise up to support them. Loyalist sympathies were stronger in the South, so they planned to campaign there.

British empire in 1750?

the british were up to many things in that time frame,need a little more informatioin on what your looking for. Seconded. What are you looking for, more specifically? Historians typically divide British colonial history into at least two distinct Empires; the First Empire lasted until the American Revolution (1775-1783), while the Second began as the British shifted focus from the Americas to Asia and Africa. the year 1750 would fall under the First British Empire, if that helps.

Did king george the 3rd start the American Revolution?

No, he was simply the British King. By this time in History government was being devolved to ministers and parliament. Although King George II was the last British King to lead his troops in battle (Minden, Germany 1759) the effects of the American Revolution on George III were probably a matter of an insignificant colony a very long way away. Although he may well be the focus of the Colonists discontent, I do not think that the King was the cause of it. Obviously the war of revolution was fought against the British Crown, the British & Loyalist forces in North America would believe their fight was a 'legal' one, the colonists thought different.

What john paul Jones do that are so important?

John Paul Jones secured the exchange of British captives for the freedom of American prisoners of war. He also captured a British ship carrying uniforms, winter clothes, and provisions to British soldiers in America, thus depriving them of necessary equipment and aiding the Americans. In addition to this, Captain Jones developed the war tactic of attacking the enemy's home country so they will focus their attention on saving their country and not so much on attacking the American coasts. In fact, Captain Jones was the first person to attack England with a warship since the Vikings first came there.

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What was the strategic situation of remaining french forces in the great lakes area once Montreal and quebec were captured?

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Why did British switch strategies and focus on the south?

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If president grant was busy with scandals what is likely to happen to his focus on reconstruction efforts in the south?

If President Grant was busy with scandals, what is likely to happen to his focus on Reconstructionefforts in the South?

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