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Proposals for public policy originate from a number of sources. Some of these sources include caucus groups, civil societies, non governmental organizations, and investors.

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Q: Where do most proposals for public policy originate from?
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What is the Most expensive public policy in the US?

Social Security and Medicare

Public economic policy is most concerned with?

Controlling the amount of money in circulation

What component of your health does public policy have the most control over?

enviromental health

What is distributive public policy?

Distributed public policy means simply that the government or organization is distributing a benefit or goods to a majority of its constituents. It is basically trying to give help to the most people they can.

Which of the public officials is most involved with the implementation of U.S. foreign policy?

the secretary of state

What types of careers could one get with a degree in public/environmental policy?

There's a wide variety, depending on your interests. One of the most exciting to me is work as a environmental writer who can work with public policy.

Why is legislation the most frequent way that social policy is created?

congress conciders public opinion.

Which of the following public officials is most involved with the implementation of U.S. foreign policy?

the secretary of state

How does public policy affect global warming?

Most of the public ...they are not going for the .....""family planning"...........................that is what ...will cause many problems....not only global worming....

What is the importance of the cabinet in the UK government?

The primary and most important function of cabinet is to legitimise policy proposals and key decisions. If the political community is to accept policy as 'official' it needs the cabinet to stamp it with approval. Although this is largely a formal process it remains necessary to the effective running of government for reasons including it allows parliament and the public to distinguish to 'official' and 'unofficial' policy.

What can you do with a Ph.D in public policy and administration?

A Doctorate of Public Policy and/or Public Administration will most likely work in the field of academics or government. The focus however as in Public Policy, may also lead to many "think tanks" organizations in government or businesses while Public Administration is public service in it's truest form may lead to a staff position under an elected official. Some may also pursue a dual JD (Juris Doctorate degree) or work for non-profit.

What issues t receive the most time money and effort from government officials make up the public is it A. agenda B. policy C.outcry or D.opinion?

public agenda