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The word Federalism does not appear even once in the Constitution. At the time, the founding fathers essentially created a unique type of government and so it is not mentioned anywhere in the Constitution.

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Q: Where in the Constitution does the word federalism appear?
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The fault everyone makes is that they think America is a democracy, when it is in fact a republic hence the word democracy does not appear in the constitution

What is The constitution's preservation of state government is accomplished through?

The Constitution's preservation of state governments is accomplished through Federalism.

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Federalism is one word that describes the relationship (and the division of power) between state governments and the federal government. A more simple answer: A Federalist supports the new constitution. Federalism is used in our government today

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The word itself does not appear in the constitution either as it was originally written or as it has been amended.

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The entire constitution has Federalist ideas and concepts.

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Not sure I understand what you mean. A phrase. That rhymes. And describes the word "Federalism". The Articles of the Confederation, weren't strong enough for our new nation, they needed a Federal institution, governed by a Constitution!

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