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It is located in Catoctin Mountain park, near Thurmont, Maryland. It's about 62 miles north of Washington, DC. Official name is Naval Support Facility Thurmont and is a military installation.

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Maryland, United States

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Q: Where is the presidential retreat Camp David located?
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What is the Presidential retreat in Maryland called?

The Presidential retreat in the Catoctin Mountains of Frederick County Maryland is formally called the US Naval Support Facility Thurmont but is best known as Camp David.

What was the name of the presidential retreat that was named in honor of Eisenhowers grandson?

Camp David

Camp David the presidential retreat was named for which president's grandson?

President Dwight D. Eisenhower renamed the presidential retreat Camp David after his grandson and father, both with the name David. Originally named Hi-Catoctin, it was built as a camp for federal agents and their families. President Franklin D. Roosevelt changed it to a presidential retreat in 1942 and renamed it Shangri-La.

What is the president's resort in the hills of Maryland called?

Camp David, located near Thurmont, Maryland, is a presidential retreat. Eisenhower named in honor of his grandson and his father.

Where was the plo peace agreement of 1993 signed?

The US presidential retreat at Camp David, near Washington.

What mountain is home to Camp David?

Camp David, renamed by President Eisenhower, is the presidential retreat created by US President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The actual location is on the Catoctin Mountain in Maryland.

What is the purpose of Camp david?

It was usually called a "retreat", as it is located in secluded woods. However, several Presidents have held meetings with heads of state at Camp David.

What was the name of Camp David before it was named Camp David?

Originally Camp David was known as Hi-Catoctin. In 1942 it was converted into a presidential retreat and renamed "Shangri-La" by Franklin D. Roosevelt. Dwight D. Eisenhower, in honor of his father and grandson who shared the name, later renamed it Camp David.

Who was the first us president to use camp David as a retreat?

Dwight Eisenhower was the first President to use Camp David for a retreat. It was named for his grandson, David Eisenhower.

Where was the israeli-PLO peace agreement of 1993 signed at?

Washington DC

Where is Camp David?

The Maryland Presididential Retreat that began with the Presidential term Shangri-La bestowed on it by FDR and switched to David by IKE to honor his grand-son, it is actually a US Navy installation designed for Presidential privacy, comfort and security.

Which president changed the name of shangri-la in Maryland?

Eisenhower changed the name of the presidential retreat in Maryland to Camp David from Shangri-La , in honor of his father and grandson.