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The first paper mill in India was set up at Sreerampur, West Bengal,

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The first Indian Jute mill was constructed in 1855 at Rishra.

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Q: Where was the first Indian jute mill set up?
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When was the first jute mill set up?

I think you mean 'juke joint'. See link for answer.

Which industries were among first modern industries in India?

1.tea, cotton, sugar 2.jute, silk and cotton 3.cotton, jute and coal-mines 4.sugar, silk and steel

First cotton mill in India?

The oldest cotton mill in India is called Old Mill. It was a steam powered mill in Ancoats in 1798.

When was the first cotton textile mill set up?


Was the first American cotton mill was set up in 1790?

No, the first cotton mill started in 1785. It was the Beverly Cotton Manufactory, and was horse powered.

The first American cotton mill was set up in 1790?

No, it was the Beverly Cotton Manufactory of 1785

What are the places suited to set up a jute textile industries?

The island of Jute off the coast of Greece is the ideal location. A second option is Ohio.

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John Spilman set up Britain's first commercially successful paper-mill established on the River Darent in Dartford around 1588.

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