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North American rivers and lakes

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Q: Where were the British warships waiting?
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When was British Warships in the Age of Sail created?

British Warships in the Age of Sail was created in 2005.

Are British warships British sovereign territory?


Who were the allies in the battle of the Philippine sea?

The USN. British warships were considered "short legged" by the USN. HMS warships were built for re-fuelling at naval bases; and had not learned nor were they equipped for "Fuelling At Sea" as USN warships could do; and nearly all Australian warships were British built. Consequently, British/Australian warships were often left out of the battle when battle did come. The British were by no means happy about this. But it couldn't be helped...the US had a war to win (keep up or be left behind!).

What prevented the British from being rescued by the British navy?

The French Guerilla.

What ironclad warships were kept out of Confederate hands by minister Adam's stern protests to the British government?

the two ironclad warships were called the Laird rams.

Who trapped the British army during the battle of Yorktown?

A fleet of French warships.

What American frigate destroyed the British warships the guerriere and java?

the USS Constitution

Did jays treaty barred french and british warships from American ports?


What was the name of the British ship at Pearl Harbor?

There were no British ships in Pearl Harbour on December 7, 1941 or any British warships anwhere near Hawaii on that date. Only American warships were allowed in Pearl Harbour.

Who fought off British warships that were trying to rescue General Cornwallis?

A fleet of French warships, commanded by Comte De Grasse, a French leader, defeated British warships and then blockaded the British army led by Cornwallis. The naval battle, known as the Battle of the Chesapeake, took place in September of 1781, with the final surrender of Cornwallis and his men taking place in October of the same year.

Could British warships be refuelled at Pearl Harbor during World War 2?

No. Peal Harbor was full of destroyed US warships and was practically useless after the bombings it received.

Can you get a sentence for anchored?

The british began bombarding the small island from a fleet of warships anchored offshore.