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Q: Which European country was occupied by Britain from 1814 until 1964?
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Was Indiana a spanish or french colony?

The area was controlled by France until 1763 and by Great Britain until 1783.

Did the west buy valuable time to rearm at Munich in 1938?

The Allies, notably Great Britain, had little choice but to appease: Britain had a strong fleet but no land army that was any match for Germany's at the time. France was divided on the subject and anyway focused on defence against Germany, not on offense. The USA was firmly isolationist: public and Congress were totally against any further involvement in European wars and would remain so until well into WW 2. The other European countries were either poorly armed, keen to stay out of trouble or had Fascist regimes themselves. Britain and France were indeed buying time: France to further strengthen its defences, Britain expecting that Germany's mostly eastward annexations would finally get them into armed conflict with the USSR, which would weaken both parties.

Did Britain come to set slaves free in America?

Since the US became independent of Britain as a result of the Revolutionary War, Britain did not come to set slaves free in America. It was not until after the Civil War that the slaves were freed by constitutional amendment.

Why was England Great Britain called the mother country?

Great Britain is not called the UK. This is a common confusion. Great Britain is the name of an island containing England, Scotland and Wales. The United Kingdom is all of Great Britain and also Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland is on the island of Ireland, so it is not part of Great Britain. So Great Britain is not the UK, just part of it, though many people think they are the same and so they use both names.

When did England gain independence?

Until the 19th century England WAS the leading State in all the world, using accepted definitions.

Related questions

What European country was Belize a colony of until independence in 1981?

Great Britain

The 13 colonies were founded and controlled by which European country until 1776?

The 13 colonies were founded and controlled by Great Britain until 1776.

What was the European country that colonized Egypt?

First Greece did but later on in 1889 Britain conquered it until the mid 1950's.

What European country ruled Kenya through the 1900s?

Kenya was a British colony from the 1920s until it gained independence in 1963.

What major city was captured by canadians during the war of 1812?

Canada wasn't recognized as a country until much later, it was Britain and France occupied most of the land and it was Britain who showed aggression. But New York colony and the capitol was invaded and taken over

What European nation involved in India until after World War 2?


What European countries controlled the Louisiana territory until the 1800's?

Britain ,France

Who had colonised Cameroon?

The country was first discovered by Portugese (from the European point of view) who didn't colonize it but traded with it. Germany claimed it and it remained German until after WWI, when France and Britain split it.

What European country ruled Benin until 1958?


When did holland enter world war 2?

Holland was neutral until invaded by Germany on May 10, 1940. Although Holland was swiftly occupied by the Germans, a Dutch government-in-exile was established in Great Britain, and Holland became an Allied country until the end of the war.

What was the territory of the former country of East Germany was occupied by the army of which country at the conclusion of World War 2?

The Russian Army occupied the DDR or East Germany after the war and had troops garrisoned there until 1989-90.

Was Jordan a colony of another country?

Jordan was lastly occupied by England until it gained its independence in 1946