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Justice Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan are the only unmarried justices on the current Court (as of September 23, 2010). Justice David Souter, whom Sotomayor succeeded on the bench in 2009, was also unmarried.

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Q: Which US Supreme Court justices are not married?
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How many justices on the Supreme Court.?

This depends on which supreme court. Reask your question specifying the state/country, or see related questions. US Supreme Court: There are 9 Justices on the US Supreme Court.

Does the US Supreme Court have one Chief Justice and eight judges?

Close. The US Supreme Court seats one Chief Justice and eight Associate Justices. All US Supreme Court judges are referred to as "justices."

Is there 15 justices?

The US Supreme Court has 9 justices.

How many justices are on the supreme court?

Nine Justices Nine Justices make up the current Supreme Court: one Chief Justice and eight Associate Justices. There have been 103 Associate Justices in the Court's history.

Where do the US Supreme Court justices hear cases?

The Supreme Court justices hear cases in the courtroom of the Supreme Court Building in Washington, DC.

How many judges are there on the US Supreme Court and what are they called?

Federal (US) Supreme Court judges are called "justices." The Supreme Court of the United States has one Chief Justice and eight Associate Justices, for a total of nine justices. State supreme court vary in the number of judges seated on their highest appellate court, and are also inconsistent with titles. Some states call them "judges," while others refer to them as "justices."

What is the justices in supreme court term in office?

in the US Supreme Court, life

How many justices other than the Chief Justice are on the US Supreme Court?

There are eight Associate Justices, in addition to the Chief Justice, on the US Supreme Court.

Do the us supreme court justices reflect and support the political agenda?

yes"the us supreme court justices reflect and support the political agenda

Have there been any lawyers who are or were US Supreme Court justices?

All 112 justices in the history of the US Supreme Court (as of 2011) have been lawyers.

Does the President approve US Supreme Court justices?

Not exactly. The President nominates US Supreme Court justices, but the Senate must approve their appointment.

Why are US Supreme Court justices called justices and not judges?

Because then people know right away the difference. Justices=Supreme Court. Judges=Normal Courts acting under the Supreme Court.