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To start off, the only reason Europeans specifically, the Spanish and Portuguese, explored the new world was to find a water passage to Asia so that they could avoid the long journey around Africa and to India. However as time progressed and new lands discovered it became clear that the Americas blocked a quick and easy path to the Orient (Asia). As a result, Europeans began exploring the lands of North and South America, finding gold and silver which attracted many other settlers from Europe. Europeans also began the cultivation of cash crops such as tobacco and cotton, and hunted otters and beavers for their furs which could fetch high values back in Europe

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Q: Which aspect of America encouraged European exploration for the sake of discovery?
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What has the author Robert Cuff written?

Robert Cuff has written: 'New-founde-land at the very centre of the European discovery & exploration of North America' -- subject(s): Discovery and exploration

How did the discovery of cape horn probably aid European exploration of western Latin America?

since it is next to Argentina

What date did Columbus discover America on?

Columbus did not discover North America. He landed on islands in the Bahamas. But Columbus is credited with making the European discovery of America, because his reports lead directly to the discovery and exploration of the rest of the American continents.

What did Spain discover during the Age of Exploration and Discovery?

During the Age of Exploration Spain explored theCaribbean, South America and Central America.

What happen as result of European exploration of east coast of north America?

What happened as a result of European exploration of north America's east coast? it lead Europeans to begin colonies on the coast.

When was exploration encouraged as America underwent vast territorial expansion and settlement?

between 1801 and 1861

What were the 5 steps to the discovery of America?

The discovery of America involved: 1) Christopher Columbus setting sail in 1492 2) Discovering the Caribbean islands 3) Exploration of the mainland by other European explorers 4) Realization that a "New World" had been found 5) Colonization and establishment of permanent settlements.

Which explorer started the European exploration of south America?

Christopher Columbus.

How did America start?

Essecially America started by European exploration and the colonizing of the Americas by Columbus and England.

When did European and north American history intersect?

With the discovery of North America.

How did European exploration affect early civilizations in Latin America?

Extermination and enslavement.

What was the significance of Coronado's discovery?

Coronado's exploration and discovery of the Grand Canyon and the American Southwest in the 16th century expanded European knowledge of the region and paved the way for future colonization and settlement. It also fueled Spanish ambitions to control the territory and establish a presence in North America.