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second continental

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Q: Which body declared independence
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Who did they declared the independence from?

they declared Independence from the British

What year did Paraguay declared independence?

Paraguay Declared independence in the year of 1811.

What territories declared their independence from China following the 1911 Revolution?

Outer Mongolia and Tibet declared their independence from China after 1911.

Who declared independence patriots or Britain?

It was the patriots who declared independence. They were claiming independence from the British Empire to form their own system of government.

What was Declaration of Independence and how did it help your country?

The Declaration of Independence is what was declared in 1776 in which the US declared its independence from Great Britain and its tyrannical king.

Who did the Texans declare their independence from?

They declared independence from mexico

What happened in the year 1976?

America declared it's independence from England by signing the Declaration of Independence

On July 4th who did you declare Independence from?

The United States declared Independence from Great Britain. I declared freedom from ambiguity.

Who did haiti declare independence?

Haiti declared independence from France.

What document declared American independence from Britain?

Declaration of Independence

What is the name of the document that declared your independence from England?

The Declaration of Independence

What did the Declaration of Independence do Apex?

declared american independence from england