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That would be the US Supreme Court. It is part of the judicial branch of the US government.

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Q: Which branch has 9 members named by president but voted by the senate?
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Who can be named to the federal bench by the president?

Anyone the senate will confirm

What are the two main jobs of the head of the Executive branch of government?

Is the branch that carries out laws a second named called the executes

Who was named president pro team of the Illinois senate becoming the first African American to hold the post in a state senate in 20th century?"

Who are electors from each state chosen by?

The electors are chosen by the voters of each state in the presidential election. When people vote for president, they actually are choosing the electors supporting the candidates named on the ballot.

How many members of the senate are named in the constitution?

2 from each state, which was at the time 13 states and so 26 senators. Now the total is 100 for the 50 states.

What did Lewis and clark name the three forks in the river?

Lewis and Clark named the three forks in the river after the president and two cabinet members. The members names were Madison and Gallatin.

How are supreme court justices named?

Supreme Court justices in the United States are nominated by the President and confirmed by the Senate. The President typically selects a nominee based on their legal qualifications, ideology, and potential impact on the court. After nomination, the Senate Judiciary Committee holds confirmation hearings to evaluate the nominee's qualifications and vote on whether to recommend them to the full Senate. If confirmed by a majority vote in the Senate, the nominee becomes a Supreme Court justice.

What is the definition of the Tenure of Office Act?

President Johnson violated the Tenure of Office Act, which states that a president has to secure the consent of the senate before he changes his cabinet with the approval of the senate. The significance is that because he violated it, congress was able to impeach him. He was not officially impeached because he did not get the necessary 2/3 vote in order to do so.

Which president had two dogs that were named Him and Her?

The president who had dogs named Him and Her was President Lyndon Johnson.

Who was hermitage branch library named after?

it was named after some guy

What is a named used for both the house and the senate?


Why is a designated survivor named?

There is a line of succession to the Presidency, so that if the President and the Vice President die, someone can succeed to the Presidency. After the Vice President, it would be the Speaker of the House, then the President pro tempore of the Senate, then the members of the Cabinet. The Secretary of State is the 4th in line to the Presidency; the Secretary of Homeland Security is 18th in line (as this department was the most recently created). Because the Vice President, the entire House and Senate, the Supreme Court and the Cabinet all attend the State of the Union Address, one member of the Cabinet does not attend and instead becomes the "designated survivor". The Designated Survivor is placed under maximum protection in another part of the country. This practice began during the Cold War, for obvious reasons.