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Q: Which cultural group enjoyed eating seaweed?
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Which food group does seaweed come under?

The seaweed belongs to the grain group

What word doesnt belong to this group seaweed salt manganese iron?


What food group does seaweed fit into?


Is seaweed a collective noun?

No, the word 'seaweed' is a common, uncountable, compound, concrete noun; a general word for a plant that grows in the ocean.A collective noun is a word used to group people or things taken together as one whole. Collective noun for seaweed would be a growth of seaweed, a clump of seaweed, a mass of seaweed, etc.

What food group is kelp in?

Kelp is seaweed, a type of algae. It is most likely considered in the vegetable group.

Which food group is from the sea?

seafood. seaweed, shrimp, crab, fish (ect)

What is Hindus cultural group?

It depends what you mean by 'cultural group'. A Hindu's cultural group is obviously Hindu in the religious sense however, as with any religion, anyone from any genetic heritage can be a Hindu.

What is the largest cultural group of California?

It depends on what you mean by "cultural group." For example, are "People who Live on the Western Coast of a Continent" a cultural group? How about "People who chose to live near an Earthquake fault?" What constitutes a "cultural group?" If a cultural group is defined as being composed of people of the same sex, women are the largest cultural group at 50.8% (2010 census). If it's defined by ethnic origin, whites of non-Hispanic origin are the largest cultural group at 63.7% (2010 census). If it's defined by which ethnic group has the largest ethnic representation in California (compared to other states), it's Native Americans.

When more than one cultural group lives in an area this is called an?

Cultural diffusion By doctor. Nomy

What group enjoyed success under Harding?

Big Business

What is the term for spreading of ideas from group to group?

cultural diffusion

What are five co cultural group words?

Ethnic group