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You need to answer this question it requires your critical thinking skills and is a written answer. We don’t do homework or write essays for students.

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Q: Which document seems to emphasize the individual power of states Cite textual evidence to support your answer.?
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A supporting text may be?

A supporting text is some evidence referenced in an written document that is is being quoted as evidence in support of the argument being put forward.

What is a letter of testimony?

A letter of testimony is a written document provided by someone to support a person's character, abilities, skills, or achievements. It is often used in legal proceedings, job applications, or academic settings to provide evidence of an individual's credibility or qualifications.

Is there any archeological evidence to support the Book of Mormon?

The Smithsonian Institution issued an official statement in 1996 and again in 1998 that it considered the Book of Mormon to be "a religious document and not a scientific guide," and that it "has found no archaeological evidence to support [the book's] claims."

Why would a biological sample be taken from an individual?

For a medical purpose, or more commonly for DNA testing to support evidence.

What is an individual evaluation report?

An individual evaluation report is a document that provides a comprehensive assessment of an individual's abilities, skills, and performance. It typically includes information on the assessment methods used, the individual's strengths and areas for improvement, and recommendations for future development or support. These reports are often used in educational, clinical, or professional settings to inform decision-making and support individual growth.

What does corroborate mean?

Corroborate means to strengthen or support with evidence.

If paying child support considered extreme hardship evidence?

Child support payments alone may not typically be considered extreme hardship evidence. However, if paying child support leaves an individual with insufficient income to cover basic living expenses or creates significant financial hardship that affects their ability to meet their essential needs, it may be considered as a part of their overall financial situation and hardship evidence. The specific circumstances and financial situation of the individual will be evaluated to determine if paying child support is causing extreme hardship.

Why does scientific evidence support scientific theories?

Scientific evidence supports scientific theories through empirical observations, experiments, and data analysis that consistently confirm the predictions and explanations of the theories. Theories are continuously tested and revised based on new evidence, leading to a more refined and accurate understanding of the natural world. Overall, the robustness and validity of scientific theories are demonstrated through the process of evidence accumulation and verification by multiple independent researchers.

What is an example of anecdotal evidence?

An example of anecdotal evidence is when someone shares a personal story about their experience with a product, service, or event to support their argument or point of view. This type of evidence is based on individual accounts and may not be representative of the overall population or situation.

What is the humanist view on drugs?

Humanism generally supports the responsible use of drugs, recognizing individual autonomy and personal freedoms. However, humanists also emphasize the importance of education, harm reduction, and policies that prioritize public health and well-being. Ultimately, humanists advocate for evidence-based approaches to drug regulation and support efforts to minimize harm and addiction.

What does DBQ mean?

DBQ could mean multiple things:Daily Book QuizDocument Based Questions

What question should a writer ask when choosing evidence to support a claim?

Is the evidence from the best source I can find