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There have been many leaders throughout history who have had many radical ideas that ended with them being exiled. Ayatollah Ruholla Khomeini was an exiled leader that lead religious opposition to western influences.Ê

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Q: Which exiled leader led the religious opposition to western influences?
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Why was Dante exiled?

Dante Alighieri was exiled because he was a sort-of political leader for a family known as the whites and when the Blacks (the other political family) cam into power they saw him as a threat and exiled him within a year.

What exiled leaders name means From France?

I believe the leader was = Édouard Daladier. =

How did Ayotalloh Khomeini gain power?

The Ayatollah had a long period of dissidence with the Shah of Iran. He objected to what he believed was the Shahâ??s departure from Islamic law and his acceptance of western standards that would, he believed, result in an influx and eventual takeover by BaHa'i culture. Their relationship deteriorated to the point of the Ayatollah being exiled to Paris. Efforts to discredit Khomeini, as well as other student grievances, brought about the revolution of 1978. The Ayatollah returned to Tehran and engaged in resistance efforts, such as encouraging all to violate a military mandated curfew After the military withdrew, an Islamic government was approved by widespread demand and Khomeini became the Supreme Leader in 1979.

What type of Government did France have after the fall of Napoleon in 1815?

Before Napoleon ruled, France was governed by its Monarchy. After the fall of Napoleon in 1815, in which he was exiled from the country, the monarchy regained its position. The king during this time was Louis XVIII.

Why do you think okonkwo wasted his life in exile?

Okonkwo was exiled seven years for accidentally killing a fellow clan member. For those seven years he moved through his daily practices with no real purpose. He basically sat around waiting to return to his father's land. He felt useless in his mothers clan; he did not try to earn a place of respect among them. Most of the time he was just feeling sorry for himself. He made plans what he would do when he arrived back, but he did nothing of value where he was.

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Which exiled religious leader led the religious opposition to western influences in Iran?

No one - Ayatollah Khomeini had VERY DIFFERENT ideals to the regime set up that used his name (we must remember, Khomeini was very poorly healthwise by the 1980s and a lot of things were done in his name that he would not approve), he was exiled in France (the West) and his pre-revolutionary tapes did not feature anti-Western culture propaganda or repression. In fact, the original ideas of those who lead the revolution inclusive of Khomeini favoured a French style republic. The real (much more moderate Khomeini) and the popular image (an image largely forged by those who spoke in his name when Khomeini himself was sick) are very different. If Khomeini had good health, Iran would be very different today.

Who is the exiled religious leader of Tibet?

The dhali lama

What did Anne Hutchinson do to upset the Puritans?

She said that god was better then the leader of massachusetts so she got exiled to rhode island because there they had religious freedom

Rhode Island is distinguished for it's religious freedom and rigid separation of church and state was founded by?

Roger Williams, an exiled former Puritan minister.

Why was Louis riel exiled?

he was not an exiled

Why did Jewish people live in minorities?

When we were exiled from Israel, it was unavoidable.After we were exiled from Israel, it was unavoidable.

What is it called when you are exiled from your people?

Exiled or banished.

Who exiled Mazzini?

Switzerland exiled Giuseppe Mazzini to Paris in 1834 and then France exiled him to England in 1837.

When did Alexander the Great get exiled?

Alexander never get exiled.

Why was Louis riel exiled from the US?

He wasn't, he was exiled to the US.

When was Exiled in Paris created?

Exiled in Paris was created in 1994.

A word meaning kicked out of your country?

exiled or deported