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The African Americans we're able to vote when the twenty-sixth amendment came into place.

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18 year old were allowed to vote.

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Q: Which group of americans gained the right to vote under the Twenty-sixth Amendment?
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Which group of Americans gained the right to vote under twenty-sixth amendment?

The African Americans we're able to vote when the twenty-sixth amendment came into place.

What group benefitted the most when the 15th amendment was passed?

african americans

Which group of people was most directly affected by the Fourteenth Amendment?

African Americans

Which group passed the amendment which recognized the citizenship of African Americans and recognized the rights of all citizens?


Which group of American citizens was given the right to vote when the 19th Amendment was approved in 1920 immigrants young people women African Americans?

I’m positive that is is the African Americans.

A group of laws restricting the African Americans?

Fourteenth Amendment or Black Codes its one of these i know that much(: i hope i helped

Does the 20th amendement expand the rights of citizens On what group of people?

The 20th amendment expanded the rights of citizens to vote for the Africa Americans.

What group was the Fourteenth Amendment designed to protect How did other groups use the Fourteenth Amendment to gain rights?

The Fourteenth Amendment, which guaranteed citizenship and equal protection under the law, was designed to protect the rights of newly freed African Americans following the Civil War. Later, other groups, such as Mexican Americans and Asian Americans, cited the Fourteenth Amendment in important court cases to argue for their right to equal protection under the law.

What group of people gained freedom through the American civil war?

Black slaves, commonly referred to as N1ggers back then.Now they are known as African Americans.

What do you say has happened to a molecule that has gained a phosphate group?

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Which group or country gained the most from the entry of Texas into the US?

group: empresario

Which group saw a significant increase in the number of voters in the south during reconstruction?

Afrcan Americans because of the 15th Amendment gave all african america males right to vote