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18 street is the biggest gang in the world, and its takin over.

18 street is the biggest gang in the world, and its takin over.

Puro sur 13 los nortenos me la pelan southside

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MS-13 is probably larger, although this may be due to their higher profile. Accurate numbers on neither are available, as they are relatively new gangs.

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Q: Which is a bigger gang ms 13 or 18 street?
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Where is the gang CALLED 18 street?

Yes, 18 is a known street gang. Other names for the gang are Mara 18, La18, 18th, and Barrio 18.

What are the colors of the 18 street gang?

The Eighteen Street gang is a Sureno gang, under the Mexican Mafia(just like all Sureno gangs), therefore they wear the color blue. SIDE NOTES: 18 Street Gang has ALWAYS been a Sureno's gang. People often think that 18 Street is their own gang, which they're NOT.

Who are the avenues gang is enemies?

The Avenues gang is primarily known for their rivalry with the rival gang, the Cypress Park gang, in Los Angeles. They have also had conflicts with other gangs such as the Highland Park gang and the Frogtown gang.

What does the 18th street gang do for an initiation?

The way the gang members are initiated into the 18th Street Gang is by a beating.

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18 street gang in chi town pictures?

Eighteen Street Gang started in Los Angeles, NOT in Chicago. Therefore I'm pretty sure there aren't any pics of them in the Chi.

What is m18 gang?

M18 is a mexican growing gang in all over united states of América.It is rivals with ms13 there flag color is black........they are also known as 18 street gang since it was made in california in a street call 18street..

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Does the raider nation stand for a gang?

Yes it does......raiders mean....Remebker As I Die Every R1askal Survive.....its that TRG 4 Lfe RAIDERS For 18 Street Gang Members Means Right After I Die Eighteen Remains Standing

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