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  1. helping those who need medical care
  2. regulating gambling
  3. limiting the profits of public utilities
  4. requiring vaccinations
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regulating gambling.

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Q: Which is an example of the state safeguarding the morals of its citizens?
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What is an example of the state safeguarding the morals of it citizens?

helping those who need medical careregulating gamblinglimiting the profits of public utilitiesrequiring vaccinations

What are the advantages and disadvantages of paternalism state?

Advantages of paternalism state include safeguarding citizens from harmful decisions and promoting a sense of social responsibility. However, it can lead to a restriction of individual freedom and autonomy, potentially undermining personal choice and self-determination.

What is one example of nation state?

One example of a nation-state is Japan, which has a largely homogenous population with a unified cultural identity and a centralized government that represents the interests of its citizens.

Taxes may be levied on U.S. citizens by both the federal and state governments. This is an example of?

A concurrent Power

When was Citizens State Bank of Gillett created?

Citizens State Bank of Gillett was created in 1904.

What was the 42nd amendment to the Indian Constitution?

It allowed the State to protect and improve the environment for safeguarding public health, forests, and wildlife in 1976

How can you use the word state rights in a sentence?

The state had a states' rights so they can have a final say in their personal affairs.

What are the reserved power of the states to make laws such as a minimum drinking age that protect the health morals safety and welfare of their citizens called?

Laws that directly regulate abortion, drinking ages, marriage and divorce, and sexual behavior are policy prerogatives that belong to the state government.

Why are the rights of this state important to the state and the citizens?

abd sooon

Who is responsible for handling state money?

State money is typically managed by the state treasurer's office or a similar state agency. The state treasurer is responsible for overseeing the management and investment of state funds, ensuring compliance with financial regulations, and safeguarding public funds.

What is an example of government as a social institution?

it consist the body of legislature executive and judiaciary has the power over the citizens in the state as well as the foreigners within the state.

How did the amendment 17 make the Congress more accountable to the citizens?

They were chosen by the State Legislature instead of by a direct vote of the state's citizens.