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The concept of federalism as expressed in the structure of the US government is best described as a concept of the separation of powers. The Constitution mandated three branches of government in order to avoid power being concentrated on any one entity.

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each state sets up its own public school system [:

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Q: Which is the best example of the constitutional principle of Federalism?
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What constitutional principle best describes the interaction of the three branches of government?

checks and balnces

What constitutional principle best describes this interaction of the three branches of governments?

checks and balnces

Which constitutional principle does this scenario best illustrate?

separation of powers -apex

Can you give an example sentence for principle?

The principle of the matter was elusive, at best.

What reflect the intent of Meiji constitution?

The principle of federalism best reflects the intent of the Meiji Constitution. The respect for the fundamental human rights is another intent.

What constitutional principle best describes the interaction between president congress and supreme court?

checks and balnces

Congress passes a lawThe President vetoes itCongress overrides the vetoThe law is appealed to the Supreme Court which rules it unconstitutionalWhat constitutional principle best describes this?

The constitutional principle that best describes the given process is called Checks and Balances. It allows for each branch to limit the power of the others in order to prevent corruption or extremism.

Is aerial tumbling best example of projectile principle for distance?


Which country is a Middle-Eastern constitutional monarchy?

The best example is probably the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

What scenario best illustrates the principle of checks and balances?

A constitutional amendment is proposed and submitted to the states for approval

What metaphor best symbolizes federalism?

The cake examples. There is a layered cake (Which represents dual federalism) and the marble cake (Which represents cooperative federalism).

What best describe federalism?

The principle that national and state governments are split into their own sections-each supreme within its respective area. Specifically, it describes the relationship between the national government and the states' governments. According to this, there are certain limits in the federal government.