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Q: Which political party has more scandals?
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What were the political scandals of the 60's?

Bay of pigs

What was grantism?

Political scandals during Grant's presidency.

What is the party-government model?

The Christmas Government Party that the British have every year. All members of Parliament hold an informal party at Christmas at Rochester Hall. This normally leads to all sorts of scandals.

What political party would be more inclined to believe in liberal ideas within the political spectrum?

The democrat party is the major party that is associated with being more on the liberal side of the political spectrum.

Which-political party benefits more with income increase?

which political party tends to benifit when incomes increase or decrease

What does les affaires mean when used in English?

business - political scandals

What has the author Christophe Bouchet written?

Christophe Bouchet has written: 'Tapie, l'homme d'affaires' -- subject(s): Biography, Businesspeople, Legislators, Political aspects, Political aspects of Scandals, Politics and government, Scandals

Which political party do you think is more conservative?

The Republican party is generally known as more conservative.

The british political party that was more sympathetic to the american cause was?

the whig party

What did muckrakers write about?

Scandals- mainly political scandals,

Which political party benefit from decrease income in Texas?

Which political party republican or democrat benefit when income in texas increases or decrease in other words which party has more wealthy voters and which has more poor voters.

What affect did the scandals in the grant administration have on the republican party?

many financial problems