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Q: Which president initiated federal supremacy
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Which president initiated the term federal supremacy?

Andrew Jackson

Is the supremacy clause demonstrates the principle under the federal constitutionThe President can Veto or sign the legislation that congress enacts?

It is the supremacy clause

What does federal supremacy mean?

Federal supremacy establishes that federal law supercedes all state and local law. Federal supremacy establishes that federal law supercedes all state and local law.

Which clause in article 6 section 2 of the constitution could the federal government use to override the states bills of rights?

The supremacy clause gave the federal government the ability to override the states bill of rights.

Who started federal supremacy?

Abraham Lincoln

Who allows federal and state governments to share power but ensures federal supremacy when there are conflicts?


What does the Supremacy clause of the constitution state about the relationship between the national and state governments?

The Supremacy Clause grants supremacy to the United States Federal Government in any conflict between state and federal law. However, since the Federal Government has a limited mandate, the States still retain a large number of rights.

What President initiated the Louisianna Purchase?

President James Monroe initiated the Louisiana Purchase. He believed in American expansionism. He is also responsible for the Monroe Doctrine.

Who created the first loyalty boards?

The loyalty boards were originally created and initiated by President Truman.

What makes federal laws above states?

the supremacy clause{APEX}

The primary source of federal power to regulate business is the?

A. Supremacy clause

Does the supremacy clause of the national constitution places federal law above state law?

Supremacy clause