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Tyler was the most famous for this action against the bills to re-establish a national bank. His party expelled him as a result. Andrew Johnson also fought with what was officially his Republican party although he was a Democrat before and after. He submitted 29 vetoes and had 15 overridden and his party controlled Congress.

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Q: Which president vetoed bills sponsored by his own political party?
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Which president vetoed pension bills?

Grover Cleveland

Which president vetoed pension bills and plugged the drain on gold?


The actions of which government body can be vetoed by the president?

Any bills passed by the House of Representatives can be vetoed by the President. The President may veto the entire bill or any part of it.

How many public bills passed by the 106th congress were vetoed by the president?


Did Andrew Jackson veto the civil rights bill?

John Tyler vetoed bills sponsored by his own political party.

How many vetoed bills still got passed?

exactly 2563 bills have been vetoed in total including the ones by Barrack Obama (these include pocket vetoes). Franklin Roosevelt vetoed the most bills he vetoed 635

What President vetoed the highest number of bills?

Ulysses S. Grant Ulysses S. Grant

How did President Johnson respond to the expanded power of the Radical Republicans after the election of 1866?

He vetoed the Radicals' reconstruction bills.

Does the president have to approve all bills from congress?

No. If the bill is vetoed by the President the bill goes back the congress where in order for it to get passed two thirds of congress has to vote for it.

What did president Andrew Jackson do to halt passage of certain bills he disagreed with?

Like all Presidents thereafter, Jackson vetoed laws that he did not like and which were passed over the threat of his veto. The President before Jackson only vetoed a law if they thought it was unconstitutional.

Did Abraham Lincoln ever veto any bills?

Only 7. Lincoln vetoed or pocket vetoed only seven bills during his presidency.

Why is it important for the president and congress to work together?

Because if they dont they cant make good choices