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A president will very rarely use his power of veto. There is an average of 11 vetoes per year, but that covers the entire presidential history. Barack Obama has only vetoed two bills during his term as president.

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So far there have been 2564 vetoes in 222 years for an average of 11.5 per year.

Early presidents such as Jefferson did no veto anything. Franklin Roosevelt issued 636 vetoes in his 12 years; Cleveland 414 in 8 years and Obama 2 in two years, but expect more now that he has an opposing House.

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President jackson vetoed all of the bills.

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Q: Does a president veto very many bills passed by congress?
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How many public bills passed by the 106th congress were vetoed by the president?


Early in his administration many of the bills President Carter submitted to Congress .?

passed only with major changes from his own party

How many bills has 2012 congress passed?

12about 500

President known for his million dollar congress?

President Benjamin Harrison was known for his "Billion Dollar Congress."

How many new laws are passed in America every year by the president?

None. The President of the United States does not pass laws, that is the job of the legislative branch. The President has the ability to veto laws that the Congress has passed, but he can be over ruled by a 2/3rds majority. ---- Actually, it is the Presidential act of signing a bill passed by Congress that transforms that bill into law. It is emphatically the province of the President to pass laws and not Congress. What the Congress passes are bills, which have no legal authority unless passed by the President, or unless Congress over rules a Presidential veto with a 2/3 super majority vote. As to your original question, the number of laws passed in America probably varies year to year.

How many pieces of legislation were passed during roosevelts 100 days as president?

FDR passed 15 major bills.

In the years after reconstruction many members of congress believed that the president should?

confine himself to enforcing laws passed by congress

Plains Indian In the years after reconstruction many members of Congress believed that the president should?

confine himself to enforcing laws passed by congress

What is the number of bills passed each congressional session?

alot During last year's (2008) scandal over the Democrats using the practice of passing bills which did nothing more than honor someone or something to slip past Republicans some spending and regulatory bills without the benefit of or opportunity for debate, we learned more than 1100 bills are passed in this way per year. This is what brought my attention to the question. How many bills of all kinds are passed by a normal annual Congress.

What are the functions of executives?

The president is the executive branch. He is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed forces. Bills from congress are passed to him. Which are then signed or vetoed by the president.

What are the real accomplishments of Radical Republicans during the years 1865-1877?

they passed many non-racist laws. Even when the racist president vetoed all the laws, the Congress overruled president's veto. This was how the 14th amendment (blacks become citizens) and the 15th amendment (blacks can vote) were passed.

How many times did the first 6 presidents use the power of the veto to reject bills that had been passed by congress?

The first six U.S. Presidents vetoed a total of ten bills. Seven of them were vetoed by James Madison.