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It is the role of the community to make sure that all people benefit from their hard work.

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Q: Which statement would most likely be supported by someone who agreed with socialist philosophy?
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When you list the benefits of a problem you are going on the record either by preparing a signed declaration or by signing a contract with someone else?

True, you are making a formal commitment which serves as an explicit statement of your original intentions that you can refer to if your resolve weakens.

How do you write hypothesis?

You write an if-then statement to represent what you think will happen at the end of your experiment. For example, let's say someone did an experiment on if chemicals effect plant growth. The hypothesis would be, "If chemicals contain unnatural substances that are un-earth friendly, then they will effect plant growth."

What does being too liberal mean.. my friend said she hated history classes in high school because the history teachers were way too liberal. What did she mean?

The political spectrum is seen as having two ends, left and right. Moderate is usually considered somewhere in the middle. When someone in a democratic society considers another "too liberal", it means they consider that person's views as extremely left of center. In contrast, when referring to someone as "too conservative", it implies someone leans too far to the right of center. In a closed society such as Communist or Socialist, the opposite is true. "Far left" is considered extremely conservative and "far right" as being too liberal.

How were the mayflower compact and the house of burgess important to self government?

they helped establish government

When a government keeps someone within the society from hurting someone else it most directly accomplishes the purpose of?

When a government keeps someone within the society from hurting someone else, it most directly accomplishes the purpose of order.

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Is Hillary a real socialist?

Just because someone opposes Capitalism doesn't automatically make one a Socialist. Hillary is more authoritarian than Socialist.

Is a philosophy and quote the same thing?

Not necessarily. A philosophy is a general system of thought that explains or ties together general ideas of a topic. There is a philosophy of science, for example. There are philosophies that deal with the purpose of existence, the nature of knowledge, etc. A quote is simply a documented statement made by someone. Quotes can be about anything, serious or silly. A quote might have something to do with a philosophy, but it doesn't have to. Most serious philosophies can't be summarized in a single quote. Sometimes a person might say something like: "My philosophy on that subject is that we should amend the Constitution." Probably, it would be better to refer to such a statement as an opinion and not a philosophy.

What is the study of philosophy?

The nature of philosophy is itself a debated topic. Etymologically, to be a philosopher is to be a lover of wisdom. Assuming that someone who is wise is someone who lives well, the purpose of philosophy is living well. .

What is an audience response statement?

If someone is giving you a statement about something you're arguing you give him a response statement .

Imperative sentences statement?

The imperative statement Gives a command or request to someone

What happened with Greek Philosophy in 328 BC?

someone died

Where can someone find information on the philosophy of God?

There are many books where someone can find information on the philosophy of God. These books can be found at a library or at a bookstore, either at a physical book store or online.

Why is the statement 'renaissance patrons of the arts were people who frequented many art festivals' a false statement?

A patron is someone who supports someone financially, not someone who goes to festivals.

What is the difference between a thesis and thesis statement?

A thesis statement must make a claim that someone couldargue for or against.

Are you legally allowed to see a statement made by someone against you?

A statement made by someone against you, if it's a legal statement, will be presented to you and you will have the chance to respond. If there will be charges brought against you, it will be in the form of a subpoena.

Where can one participate in the green heart philosophy?

Someone can participate in the green heart philosophy from anywhere in the world. All it takes is a care for the environment and a passion for sustainability, and you are well on your way to fulfilling the philosophy!

Can a person get arrested of someone statement?

Yes. A statement may provide probable cause for an arrest.