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Q: Which two technological or cultural advancements did the Assyrians borrow from the Hittites?
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What spread of cultural traits from one culture to another is called?

Cultural diffusion is the spread of cultural traits, ideas, beliefs, and practices from one culture to another. This can happen through trade, migration, conquest, or technological advancements.

What is cause of cultural development?

Cultural development is influenced by a variety of interconnected factors, including historical events, societal norms, technological advancements, environmental conditions, economic factors, and the interactions among different cultures. These elements contribute to the evolution and adaptation of cultural practices, beliefs, values, and traditions over time.

What are the cultural forms and it's threats?

Cultural forms encompass various expressions of human creativity, such as art, music, dance, and literature, that reflect a society's values, beliefs, and traditions. Threats to cultural forms can include globalization, cultural appropriation, censorship, and technological advancements that may dilute or distort traditional cultural expressions. Preserving and respecting diverse cultural forms is essential for maintaining the richness and diversity of global cultural heritage.

What developments can cause cultures to change?

Cultural change can be influenced by various factors such as technological advancements, globalization, immigration, social movements, and intercultural interactions. These developments can bring about new ideas, beliefs, values, and practices that may lead to shifts in cultural norms and traditions within a society.

Who was the sociologist responsible for coining the term cultural lag?

The sociologist responsible for coining the term cultural lag was William F. Ogburn. He used this term to describe the phenomenon where technological advancements outpace changes in societal norms and values, leading to social problems and conflicts.

What was one of the cultural achievements of the Islamic empire?

their advancements in medicine

What social factors influence technological development?

Social factors that influence technological development include cultural values, economic systems, government policies, education levels, and societal needs or demands. These factors shape the priorities, resources, and motivations for innovation and often determine the direction and focus of technological advancements. Additionally, the level of collaboration and competition among individuals, companies, and countries can also impact the pace and extent of technological development.

Which sociologist introduced the concept of culture lag to the discipline?

William Fielding Ogburn introduced the concept of culture lag to sociology. He used this term to describe the idea that technological advancements often outpace societal and cultural norms, leading to a period of adjustment.

Why are resources dynamic cultural conception?

Resources are dynamic cultural conceptions because their value and importance can vary across different societies and time periods. What one culture values as a critical resource, another may not prioritize in the same way. This variability is influenced by factors such as technological advancements, social norms, and environmental conditions.

Write about Cultural achievement from 200 BC to 300 AD?

Within the Western hemisphere, this period was the heyday of the Roman Empire. It was a period of great technological and cultural advancements. Some of the cultural aspects that could be highlighted are the development of the Roman legal code, the modern calendar, the basis for what would become the feudal society (though the extent to which this is an 'achievement' is debateable), to name but a few aspects.

What is culture lag?

Cultural lag is a term used to describe the idea that a society is having issues in catching up with the current flow of the technological and scientific discoveries. This leads to ethics and moral arguments that tackle whether these advancements should be accepted.

What was the universal exposition supposed to represent?

The Universal Exposition, or World's Fair, was intended to showcase technological innovations, cultural achievements, and economic advancements from around the world. It aimed to foster international cooperation and understanding through exhibitions and displays of progress in various fields.