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slave states are:

* Texas * Louisiana * Arkansas * Mississippi * Alabama * Florida * Georgia * South Carolina * North Carolina

* Virginia * Tennessee * union states are:

* Oregon

* California

* Kansas

* Michigan * Wisconsin * Indiana * Illinois * Ohio * West Virginia * New York * Pennsylvania * Maine

* Vermont * New Jersey * Massachusetts * Minnesota * Connecticut * Iowa

* New Hampshire

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Free States= allow the people in that area to live the way they want; no slavery was allowed there.

Slave States= were the TOTAL opposite of the free states. Here there was nothing but slavery. People were tortured, threatened, or even shot or hanged from their rightful owners. It gets worse. There was a law passed called fugitive Slave Law." Which was where when slaves run away they had to be returned to their rightful owners. These poor people had no freedom at all!

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Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri and West Virginia

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Q: Which union states were free and which were slave states?
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Was The admission of this state to the Union ended the balance of slave and free state?

California became a free state in 1850, ending the balance of free states and slave states. However, the slave states got a tougher fugitive slave law as a result of California's admission to the Union as a free state.

Why didnt the northern states want missour admitted to the union as a slave state?

The northern states did want Missouri admitted to the union as a slave state so as to balance the free slave trade.

Which union states boredered states that seceded were these border states free states or slave states?

None of the Border States seceded even though they were slave states.

Why was the southern states displeased when California was admitted to the union?

It upset the balance of slave & free states,

Union means north or south during the civil war?

The Union in the American Civil War represented the free states (meaning slave-free states) plus five border slave states in the north of America. The Confederate States of America (the Confederacy) comprised the eleven southern slave states which had seceded from the United States of America.

The political balance between slave and free states as of 1819 was disturbed by?

The political balance between slave and free states as of 1819 was disturbed by the territory of Missouri's petition for admission to the Union as a slave state.

What issue was brought up by Missouri's request to join the Union?

There was and even amount of slave and slave-free states

Why is Ohio a free slave state?

It was Union Civil War days. All Northern states were free.

Did admitting California to the union in 1850 give the free states and advantage over the slave states?

yes it did

What was the river that separated the free states and the slave states during the civil war?

The Potomac divided the Confederacy from the Union, although Maryland was a slave-state, and so was DC at the beginning. The Ohio River divided the slave-states from free soil.

Where the states that seceded from the union slave states free states or border states?

Slave states. Some border states made attempts to secede, but for one reason or another, failed to do so.

Was the state of gerogia admitted to the union as a slave or free state?

Georgia was a slave state and part of the Confederate States of America.