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Virginia was the first state to ratify the Articles of Confederation. Delegates from New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina were also involved in the initial process.

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Q: Which was the first state to sign the article of confederation?
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Which state rejected the a articles of confederation at first but then accepted?

Well.....the anti federalist did however the bill of rights made them sign it

Which state did not want to sign the Articles of Confederation if the others did not give up their land claims?

All states ratified the document

Did Jonathan Dayton sign the articles of confederation?

No. Jonathan Dayton did not sign the Articles of Confederation. He only signed the United States Constitution.

Did Alexander Hamilton sign Articles of Confederation?


What famous sign was first arrested in 1923 in the state of California?

The Hollywood sign.

What was a disturbing sign that the Articles of Confederation were not working?


Was Delaware the first colony?

No, it was the first state to sign the constitution.

What was the first thirteen colonies that signed the constitution?

The first of the Thirteen colonies to sign the constitution was the state of Deleware, the first state to be admitted into the Union. Many people critisize this because the first colony to be founded was Virginia by the British, but in terms of the US history, Delaware was the first state to rattify and sign the constituion. Hense its nickname "the first state"

Did Abraham Baldwin sign the articles of confederation?

yes he did he was the last one to sign the constituiom

What was the first of the nine states to be admitted to the union?

The first state to be admitted to the Union of States was Delaware. Delaware was the first state to sign the Constitution of the United States.

Why does Delaware's license plate say The First State?

Delaware was the first to sign the declaration of independence or Constitution

What was the first state to enter the union?

Delaware was the firs state to sign the U-S Constitution.