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University of South Carolina

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Thomas Sumpter was Gamecock

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Q: Who's nickname was gamecock in the Revolutionary War?
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Who was the Leader of the American Revolution known as the Gamecock?

Brigadier General Thomas Sumter was known both as the Carolina Gamecock and the Fighting Gamecock during the American Revolutionary War.

What was the nickname for the Revolutionary War?

Battle Casualties

In the revolutionary war whos said you give up you win?

Toronto maple leafs like miley

What was New Jersey's nickname during the Revolutionary War?

the pathway of revolution

Why was thomas Sumter called the gamecock?

Because he was brave a courageous during the war. This resembled the fighting gamecock. He was then known as the Gamecock General of the American Revolution.

11 letter nickname for the British army during the Revolutionary War?

They were called lobsterbacks

Nickname given British soldiers during Revolutionary War bright uniforms?

Red Coats.

What was francis Marions nickname?

Francis Marion was born in South Carolina, and participated in the American Revolutionary War as a military officer. His nickname was 'The Swamp Fox.'

Who was the women whose nickname was Moses during the civil war?

Harriet Tubman Was the one whos nickname was moses and also helped nore than 300 slaves escape using the undergroundrailroad

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What was Benedict Arnold's nickname?

Because of the way he changed sides during the revolutionary war, his name became synonymous with betrayal or treason.

Whos nickname is stonewall?

It was Thomas Jonathon Jackson he was a military leader in the Civil War and he got that name during the Battle of Bull Run.