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Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon were all Presidents during the 1960s. Eisenhower was President for the year 1960.

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Q: Who Were Some Presidents In The 60's?
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Presidents in the 60s?


Who were two presidents of the 60s?

jfk and Lyndon Johnson

What kind of democracy was it like in the 60s?

representative democracy because of there were presidents during that time

When was the last time America almost had a revolt or revolution I remember someone saying it was during the Vietnam war but I'm not sure?

The "turbulent" 60s. Remember the Beatles song: "Ya say ya wanna have a Revolution..." History has chosen both the 19th & 20th "60s" to be Americas worst times. 1. Two presidents shot in both 60s (Lincoln & Kennedy) 2. A divided nation in both 60s (Civil War & Vietnam) 3. Civil Rights movements in both 60s (Emancipation Proclamation (Civil War) & Martin Luther King (Vietnam War). 4. Draft riots in both 60s (Civil War & Vietnam) 5. And by a strange coincidence both assassinated presidents were replaced by a vice president named JOHNSON.

Who were some important inventors of the 60s?

julien goulet

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Some Presidents did but some attended private

On what dates in the 1950s or 60s did the Beverley Sisters appear at Chiswick Empire with Ann and Bobbie Black?

I believe it was some time in the 50s or 60s

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scratch risistant eye glasses

How presidents have there been?

Technically, some people say that there has only been 43 presidents, but it is generally excepted that there has been 44 presidents.

Who were the Mexico Presidents in the 1800?

There are about 50 presidents. Go to Some with foreign names.

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Some mountains were carved by men to look like presidents using explosives and picks.

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No U. S. Vice Presidents were born in Michigan.