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I like waffles

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The Senate

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Q: Who acts as a jury during the impeachment process?
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What does the senate do during impeachment process?

The US Senate acts as the jury and tries any impeachment cases. When the House of Representatives accuses an official of a crime, the US Senate decides whether or not the official is guilty.

Who acts the jury during an impeachment trial?

it is the senate or you can say senator

Who sits as the jury in impeachment cases?

The United States Senate sits as the jury on impeachment cases. Impeachment proceedings are started by the House of Representatives. After hearing the charges, the Senate usually deliberates in private. Conviction requires a two-thirds majority.

Which house acts as jury in impeachment trials?


If the president is charged with a crime the senate acts as the jury in the..?

... impeachment hearings.

Who servers as the jury during impeachment?

The Senate

Which part of congress is the jury during an impeachment trial?


What branch acts as a jury to the president?

The US Senate of the legislative branch acts as a jury in an impeachment trial against the the President.

In the impeachment process the Senate is responsible for?

After the House of Representatives impeach the person, the Senate's part goes into action. The Senate then acts as trial jury. The Senate then votes whether or not the person is guilty or innocent.

Which body serves as the grand jury and convict during an impeachment trial?

By the Constitution, the U.S. Senate tries impeachments, presided over by the Chief Justice of the United States. A grand jury is an assembly of citizens to consider probable cause to bring ordinary charges, and has nothing to do with the constitutional process of impeachment.

Which house of congress acts as the jury and decides guilt or innocence in an impeachment?

The power to try for impeachment is solely the power of the United States Senate. The House of Representatives decides if there should be an impeachment, by a majority vote. After which, the investigation and trial is to be carried out by the Senate.

After impeachment who has the power to remove president from office?

The House of Representatives act as the grand jury charging him or her with impeachment and the Senate is then the jury.