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the short answer is king george the III; but there were many others--the longer answer is provided in a doctoral dissertation entitled "The Presbyterian Rebellion" done at Marquette University.

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Q: Who called the American revolution a Presbyterian rebellion?
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What was the American Revolution also called?

The American War of IndependenceThe American RebellionThe War of American IndependenceSorry, but, in fact, we tend to call it "The American Revolution"!

Who led the first american rebellion against an unresponsive government?

The American rebellion against Boston, Massachusetts unresponsive government was lead by Daniel Shays. The members called themselves Shaysites and some considered them was American Revolution heroes.

What was the war Americans fought for independence called?

The battle by the 13 British American colonies for independence was called the American Revolution.

What were American soldiers called during the American Revolution?

American soldiers were typically referred to as Colonials or Patriots during the Revolution.

Why are the patriots called the patriots?

Supporters of the American Revolution were called patriots, and a lot of the American Revolution took place in New England.

Why are the patriots called patriots?

Supporters of the American Revolution were called patriots, and a lot of the American Revolution took place in New England.

Often called the father of the American revolution this man's writings influenced the American revolutionaries?

Thomas Paine was called the father of the American revolution. His writings influenced the American revolutionaries.

What was the American navy called during the American revolution?

the navy

What is the war of independence called?

American Revolution

If you supported the Revolution what were you called?

American Revolutionists.

What were the British called during the Revolution?

Americans called the British "Red Coats" or "Regulars" during the American Revolution.

Should the American Revolution be called the British revolution because marked changes in British colonial policy were more responsible for the final political division?

It was the people of the 13 Colonies who fought for and gained their freedom; it was THEIR revolution, their victory and their freedom. Now, it so happens that the colonies were provoked by the British government, which later learned a thing or two from the events of 1775-83, but that doesn't make it their revolution. In fact, the thinking behind it is odd. Would it occur to you to call the slaves' rebellion in Haiti 'French', for example? Yes, it's true. British policy changed following the American Revolution, but it SHOULD be called the American Revolution, because it was the AMERICANS who revolted.