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It is not the executive but the legislative branch (the US Senate) that confirms cabinet, judgeship, and other Presidential appointments.

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the legislative branch

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The Senate

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Q: Who confirms cabinet members?
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What US governmental body confirms a presidents nominations for Cabinet members?


What house confirms cabinet members and other executive branch officials?

The Senate

Who chooses cabinet members?

This job or opportunity goes to the President of the United States.

Who confirms the nominations made by new presidents?

The US Senate has to confirm the important appointments, such as cabinet members and ambassadors.

How do cabinet members get their jobs?

They are appointed by the president subject to approval by the US Senate.

Does the democratic principle of checks and balances play a role in the selecting of cabinet members explain?

Yes. The President selects his cabinet members and the Senate confirms them. The ability to check Presidential appointments is one of the many checks that the Legislative branch has over the Executive branch.

Who confirms the cabinet?

senate holds confirmation hearings on the presidents nominees for cabinet posts. the nominee appears before the senate that oversees the department to answer questions about his/her background and views

Who confirms the presidential appointment of cabinet officers?

the US Senate

Who elects the cabinet?

The U.S. President's Cabinet has no elected positions, so no one elects them. The President appoints them based on his own reasons regarding their areas of expertise or career/personal history. The Cabinet is truly the President's "team." Their chief duty is to advise the President, however they have many other duties as well.

Who are Jimmy Carter's cabinet members?

Who were Jimmy Carter's cabinet members

What are Canadian cabinet members called?

Members of the Canadian Cabinet are called Cabinet ministers (not all ministers necessarily sit in Cabinet).

What is the title of cabinet members of Canada?

it is the i don't know title for the cabinet members