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In the Presidential Election of 1880, the Republicans nominated James A. Garfield of Ohio, the Democrats nominated Winfield S. Hancock of Pennsylvania, and the Greenback-Labor Party nominated James B. Weaver of Iowa. James A. Garfield won the election, becoming the 20th President of the United States.

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In 1888, the Democratic incumbent, Grover Cleveland, ran against the Republican Benjamin Harrison. Harrison won in a close election. Cleveland won the return match in 1892.

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Winfield Scott Hancock.

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Q: Who did Garfield run against for president in 1880?
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Who did Chester Arthur run against for vice president?

William Hayden English, congressman from Indiana, was the Arthur's Democratic opponent in 1880.

Who did Chester A Arthur run against?

Chester A. Arthur ran as the Vice Presidential candidate with James Garfield on the Republican ticket. They ran against Winfield Scott Hancock with running mate William Hayden English as the Democratic challengers. Chester A. Arthur did not run for President, he became president when Garfield was assassinated in 19 September 1881 at which time Chester Arthur was sworn in as President. Arthur's party did not select him for re-election.

Who did James A. Garfield run against?

James A Garfield ran against Winfield S. Hancock Popular Votes Electoral Votes James Garfield 4,453,295 214 Winfield Hancock 4,414,082 155

Did Chester Arthur win a presidential election?

No, he did not. He became president after the assassination of President Garfield, served out that one term and did not run again.

Who did President Arthur run against for president?

President Arthur never ran for President.

When did Chester Arthur run for president?

He didn't. He was VP under James Garfield, who was shot and killed during his first year in office, so then Arthur became president.

What did the 20th President of the US accomplish?

James Abram Garfield was elected as U.S. President in 1880 and only served a short term before he was murdered in 1881. He was the last of the seven presidents to be born in a log cabin and the second president to be shot in office. Due to his brief run as President his dealings were patronage issues. One he was noted for specifically was an investigation of whether mail route contracts were being awarded fraudulantly with tax money lining the pockets of those involved. Even thought members of the Republican Party were involved Garfield stood fast and continued the investigation. Because of the scandals caused by his investigation called the 'Star Route Scandal' it results in important civil service reforms. July 2, 1881 Charles Guiteau a disturbed office seeker shot President Garfield in the back. President Garfield did not die until September 19, 1881 of blood poisoning. Upon President Garfield's death Chester Arthur became President and Charles Guiteau was convicted of murder and hung June 30, 1882.

Who did president John Adams run against?

Henry Crawford

Did a woman run against Abraham Lincoln for president?


Can an incumbant president be forced to run against his own party?

NO-- Nobody can be forced to run for president or for any other elected office.

Was John Breckinridge a president?

He never was a president, but he did run for president in the 1860 election against Lincoln, Douglas, and Bell.

Did president Chester A Arthur serve more than one term?

No- he finished Garfield's term but that was all. In fact he was not nominated to run for term of his own.