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It was discovered by a French army engineer called Pierre Francois Bouchard. The translation was largely accomplished by Jean Champollion and Thomas Young

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The person that decoded the rosseta stane was Willam something

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Q: Who found the rossetta stone?
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What is the rossetta stone made of?

It is made of Black Polished Basalt

Where can you learn how to speak Irish?

On Rossetta Stone, you can learn it for a fair price.

Was the rossetta stone written by a prist?

Yes it was written by a group of priests

What is the best way to learn American English?

Rossetta stone or taking classes

How did the mayans build their temple around a moat?

They mostly used rossetta stone and limestone :)

What did the mayans use to build the pyramids?

Rossetta stone was used to build some of the pyramids.

How was the Rossetta stone decoded?

As stone was written in old Hieroglyphics and new hieroglyphics no one knew what it said. Until they saw at the bottom of it, it was written in Greek as well, so then a French codebreaker who knew Greek cracked the meanings in hieroglyphics. And read the stone and found out what it meant.

Where is the rossetta stone?

The Rosetta Stone is not a person, it is an ancient stone with three different scripts written on it in Egyptian and Greek. The scripts are hieroglyphic, demotic and Greek. There is also a language teaching software called Rosetta Stone.

What is the best way to learn another language besides going to the specific Country where the language is spoken?

with Rossetta Stone! great program...

What did the Rosetta Stone had to do in Egypt's Past?

The rossetta stone was a letter anouncing the coronation of ptolemy the some thing. it was copied into greek as well as the two forms of Egyptian because the ptolemys were actually greek and not Egyptian.

Where can I buy learn language software?

The best learn language software on the market is Rossetta stone. You can buy Rosetta stone at Best buy or at their website (

What is an inscribed stone?

It is a stone used in ancient times to write a part of a historic event or royal dinasty details such as a susesive list of kings. The Rossetta Stone and the Mesha Stele, also known as the moabite stone, are good examples of this. Go to the related links box below for both articles.