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George Washington was elected by the U. S. states because they thought that he was the most responisble person.

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Q: Who hired George Washington in 1748?
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What Is a 1748 George Washington Gold Coin Worth?

Please check again and post a new question. George Washington was only 16 years old in 1748.

Is George Washington Carver related to George Washington?

No, George Washington Carver was not related to George Washington; he was merely named after George Washington, or possibly Booker T. Washington, who hired him at the age of 32 to teach agriculture.

Who did George Washington play in a game of billiards in 1748?

Our founding father lost his game of billiards to Thomas Turner on June 4, 1748 and wrote a check for cash to Mr. Turner for one Shilling and three Pence, about a dollar seventy five at the time.

What game of billiards did George Washington play in 1748?

George Washington played a game of billiards known as "French pool" in 1748. French pool was a popular variation of billiards during that time, played on a table with smaller pockets and different rules compared to the standard game of billiards.

Who was the ruler of England in 1748?

George III

When was George Huntingford born?

George Huntingford was born in 1748.

When was George Cornewall born?

George Cornewall was born in 1748.

When did George Crawfurd die?

George Crawfurd died in 1748.

When was George Ege born?

George Ege was born in 1748.

When was George Leer born?

George Leer was born in 1748.

When was George Grieve born?

George Grieve was born in 1748.

How was George Washington educated?

George Washington received his education from a convict servant that his father hired as a schoolmaster for his son. The extent of his education included reading, writing, and accounts.