Who is Martha Morse?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Martha Gráinne Morse (1782-1862) was Laura Ingalls Wilder's great grandmother, who was Scottish, and lived all her childhood in Scotland. However, she always dreamt of moving to the U.S.A., but didn't have the chance. Later she married a Scotsman, Lewis Tucker, and they moved to America, to Boston. They had five children: Lewis (born 1802), Lydia (b. 1805), Thomas (b. 1807), Charlotte (1809-1884) and Mary (b. 1813). Charlotte was Laura Ingalls Wilder's grandmother, and Caroline Ingalls' mother.

Her mother's name was Margaret Drummond - Morse, and her father's name was Allan Morse. She had four siblings, Grislie, Alisdair, Robbie and Duncan. Martha was the youngest, and her best friend of her family was Duncan.

There are made several books about Martha Morse, such as

Little House in the Highlands by Melissa Wiley

The Far Side of the Loch by Melissa Wiley

Down the Bonny Glen by Melissa Wiley

Beyond the Heather Hills by Melissa Wiley

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Q: Who is Martha Morse?
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