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In general, their constituents / citizens. They are also governed by national law and national courts, as well.

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supreme court

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The American people.

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The people

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Q: Who is the US Government is accountable to?
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What is an accountable government?

An accountable government is one that does not give itself more power than the people have power to bestow upon it. It is accountable to the people whom it serves. The people are not the servants of Government, Government is the servant of the people and must be held accountable for its actions. It will keep itself to a minimum number of members required to govern a country.

Who is the british army accountable to?

Her Majesty's Government.

How is a government held accountable?

A government is held accountable by regular elections.

What is an example of laws without representation in the US?

We have a representative form of government in the United States. We elect our lawmakers and can then hold them accountable for their actions within our government. We do not have laws without representation in America.

The government is held accountable for its actions under which principle of government?

judicial Review

Why is the US not held accountable for funding the Irish republican army?

The US government is not held accountable for funding the IRA because the US government did not fund the IRA. Even though numerous citizens of the United States provided funds to the Irish Republican Army, it was never US state policy to support the IRA and, therefore, the US as a nation has no duty to compensate the victims of the IRA. If anyone should be held liable for the damage that the IRA wrought, it would be the fighters themselves and Sinn Féin as the legitimate heir to the IRA organization.

Is Turkey a unlimited or limited government?

Turkey is a limited government. Its rulers are held accountable to the Rule of Law.

Why the question of constitutionality is persuasive in a debate?

All government bodies are accountable to the Constitution

Who should be held accountable for not upholding federal immigration laws?

The Federal Government.

What are the effects of democracy?

it produces a government which is accountable to the people, and responsive to the needs and expectations of citizens. it produces a Govt. which is accountable and mechanised for citizens to take part in decision making

Who headed the government?

The head of the French government is the "premier ministre" (prime minister). He is nominated to the position by the president (who is head of state, but not of government) and accountable to the parliament.

What does Representative government means?

REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT has historically denoted a system in which people elect their lawmakers (representatives), who are then held accountable to them for their activity within government.