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Bejamin Martin Gabriel Martin and

col. William tavington

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Q: Who is the main character in the patriot?
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Who is Benjamin Martin?

He is the main character in the movie "The Patriot"

Was the main character in the patriot movie real?

No. The actions of the main character in the movie were a mixture of real life men such as Francis Marion ("The Swamp Fox"), Thomas Sumter ("the Gamecock") and Andrew Pickens, and some fiction.

Why was The Patriot a good title for that movie?

The definition of "patriot" is someone who loves his/her country so much that they are willing to die in honor of their country. Kind of like the main character, Benjamin Martin, in the movie. Hope this helps!

Who is the ''patriot of monticello''?

The Patriot of Monticello is also known as the Unknown Patriot. This is not a real person; this is a fictional character that originates from â??Washington and His Generalsâ?? which was written by George Lippard.

What is a minor character who helps a main character?

A minor character who helps a main character is almost like the companion of the main character or had something to do with helping the main character in a period of time....That is what a minor character who helps the main character is

What was Harrison Ford's character in the the 1992 film Patriot Games?

Jack Ryan

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Is a minor character lesser that restricts the main character?

No, a minor character does not "restrict" the main character. However, a minor character is of lesser importance than that of the main character.

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Main character of 'The Cask of Amontillado'?

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