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Q: Who is the premier of the state government?
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Who are the state government?

The state government is the premier of each government and in NSW our premier is Nathan Rees and he looks after the state government.

Who is the state premier?

The state Premier is the leader of the state Government

What is premier?

It depends upon the context. The Premier of a state is the government leader of that state.

Who is the leader in the state government?

The Queensland state government leader is the Premier. Currently (2013), the Premier of Queensland is Campbell Newman.

Who is the deputy premier of nsw state government?

Tebbutt CaremelI am the Deputy Premier

What role and responsibilities does the premier have?

The Premier is the leader of the government in the state and the head of the party that holds government. They are ultimately responsible for the actions of the Government and the public service, and represent the state in official functions.

What is the leader of state government called?

Governor In Australia, the leader of the state government is the Premier.

What is the higher position premier or governor?

The Premier is the leader of a state government whereas the Governor is the representative of the Head of State in each Australian state

Who is the premier of Alice Springs?

Alice Springs does not have a premier because it is not a state. The Premier leads the state government. Like other cities, Alice Springs has a Mayor and in 2010, this is Damien Ryan.Alice Springs is also in the Northern Territory which, as a territory, not a state, has a Chief Minister as its head of government, not a Premier.

Is Colin Barnett the state government in western Australia?

Colin Barnett is the Premier of Western Australia. He represents the state government, but he is not the state government.

Who governed the stated?

Either a King, a Tyrant, an Oligarchic Council, or, in a democracy, the male citizens in assembly.

What does the Premier in Australia do?

Each of the states in Australia has a Premier, who is responsible for leading the state government. The Prime Minister is the elected head of government in Australia.