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Benedict Arnold

Let me guess, you are doing homework and your to lazy to look it up in the text book. Don't worry iv'e been there too.

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Q: Who is the revolutionary war hero who turned out to be a traitor?
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The name of this Revolutionary war hero is often used in the place of the word traitor Who was he?

Benedict Arnold

Why did the Americans not consider general Benedict Arnold a hero during the revolutionary war?

Because they thought of him as a traitor for spying for Britain.

Who was a hero at Ticonderoga and Saratoga before turning traitor?

Benedict Arnold was an American Revolutionary War hero when he defeated British General Burgoyne at the Battle of Saratoga. However, recognition paled against expectations and he became disgruntled. As a result, he turned traitor, making a deal to turn over West Point to the British.

Who was the famous traitor of the Revolution war?

The notorious Revolutionary War traitor is Benedict Arnold.

Who was the traitor in the Revolutionary War?

Benedict Arnold

Who was the us traitor of the Revolutionary War?

Benedict Arnold

Who was the biggest traitor of the Revolutionary War?

Benedict Arnold

Who considered a traitor during the revolutionary war?

Benedict Arnold is the most infamous traitor in the American Revolution.

Name a famous traitor from the revolutionary war?

Probably the most famous (or infamous!) traitor was Benedict Arnold.

Which person is considered a traitor in the revolutionary war?

General Benedict Arnold

Who was a hero in the Revolutionary War?

Paul Revere, was a hero in the Revolutionary War.

What is a sentence with the word traitor in it?

Benedict Arnold was a traitor to the United States during the Revolutionary War.