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The state electorate are the registered voters of that state.

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Q: Who is the state electorate for NSW?
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Who represents williamstown in the state parliament?

Williamstown, Vic is in the Williamstown electorate Williamstown, NSW is in the Port Stephens electorate and in SA its in the Schubert electorate

Indian state with the largest electorate is?

Which state in India has the largest electorate

What state electorate is Tingalpa in?

The Brisbane suburb of Tingalpa is in the state electorate of Chatsworth.

What is South Perth's state electorate?

South Perth's state electorate is South Perth.

What is the state emblem for NSW?

the waratah and platypus is the nsw state emblem

When was NSW State Heritage Register created?

NSW State Heritage Register was created in 1999.

Which state is the barmah state forest in?

The barmah forest is in NSW and VIC but it is more in the NSW side

India state with the largest electorate is?


Who represents your electorate in state parliament?

Dane quall

What electorate is Queensland in?

Queensland is a state of Australia comprising 89 state electorates.

Who is the state electorate for Queensland?

Queensland is divided into many federal and state government electorates.

What is the difference between joint electorate and separate electorate?

seperate electorate means to elect on the basis of religion while joint means no involvement of is a blind process,do not matter the religion,cast or state