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Q: Who represents your electorate in state parliament?
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Who represents williamstown in the state parliament?

Williamstown, Vic is in the Williamstown electorate Williamstown, NSW is in the Port Stephens electorate and in SA its in the Schubert electorate

Who represents Gujarat state in Parliament?

Steve Hedworks represents Gujarat state in Parliament.

What is a simple sentence with the Word electorate?

The electorate are people who can vote. The electorate decides who represents them.

Who is the state member of parliament in Victoria's electorate?

In order to find a state member of Parlaiment in Victoria, Australia you can find a list of state members and contact information for them at

Who is the state electorate for NSW?

The state electorate are the registered voters of that state.

Indian state with the largest electorate is?

Which state in India has the largest electorate

What state electorate is Tingalpa in?

The Brisbane suburb of Tingalpa is in the state electorate of Chatsworth.

What is the purpose of electorate?

1. An electorate is a geographical area represented by a member of parliament. The federal member was very keen to promote safe driving and safe roads in her electorate.

What is South Perth's state electorate?

South Perth's state electorate is South Perth.

Can the prime minister fire anyone in parliament?

Fire them from what? He can fire them from an appointed post - like a ministerial position. He cannot fire them from parliament as the electorate put MP's in parliament, not the prime minister.

India state with the largest electorate is?


Who is the member of parliament of a in the 11th parliament in Kenya?

The member of parliament in the 11th parliament in Kenya represents a constituency.