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Ms. Mary McLeod Bethune

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Q: Who organized the black Cabinet?
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Who organized black cabinet?

Ms. Mary McLeod Bethune

What was the purpose of the black cabinet in the Great Depression?

Organized group of influential African Americans to advise the Roosevelt administration on racial issues.

Washington's cabinet is organized into 3 ______ and 2 offices?


Washington organized the Executive Branch in departments called his ............?


What was the name given to Franklin Delano Roosevelt's African- American advisers?

black cabinet

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Is the presidents cabinet provided for or specifically mentioned in the constitution?

The constitution does not mention a cabinet nor give any details about how the executive department should be organized. Congress has the power to create or abolish cabinet positions.

Which action explains how President Washington organized the executive branch?

he created a cabinet by selecting a team of advisors

Who organized the executive and judicial branches of government?

Washington met with the department heads , or cabinet members, who advised him.

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