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Q: Who said Prepare for what your enemy can do not what you think he will do?
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If you want me to speak for five minutes give me a week to prepare?

If you are asking who said that, I think it is Woodrow Wilson.

Which action will the squad take to ensure security to prepare for a counterattack by the enemy and to prepare to continue the mission?


Who said the enemy of your enemy is your friend?

don't you get it? Lets say you have an enemy, and your friend has to hate that person too, so the enemy of your enemy is your friend!

the Philippines enemies?

There is no enemy for the people of a country. if they are said that they have, the enemy is the one who makes them believe it.

What is the enemy of the ozone layer and where is this enemy found?

I think chlorofluorocarbon is the enemy of ozone layer.

Why is it ok to kill a enemy?

who said it was okay?

Who said by best is the enemy of the good?


The enemy of your friend is your friend?

the enemy of my frend is my frend >>meaning your frend enemy is your best frend imagine the way it said that is all explaination

What is the name of Naruto's worst enemy?

i think tenten is the worst in naruto enemy .

Who said a Quote on the enemy within?

There are many quotations referring to "the enemy within", but an African proverb states: = "When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you." =

Who said that photography is art's most mortal enemy?

Aleksandr Rodchenko said in his manifesto of Constructivism.

You are in love with your enemy but l do not know what to do?

I think I love my enemy and I think he likes me too because he keeps looking at me but not in a nasty way.