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I think I read it in one of Khushwant Singh's books

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Q: Who said a boy becomes a man when his father dies?
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Washington cherry tree?

The famous Cherry tree that is associated with George Washington was supposedly killed by him as a boy. He hit it with his hatchet. It was his father's favorite tree.

Who is A Cripps who said Educate a man and you educate an individual -- educate a woman and you educate a family?

'If you educate a boy, you educate an individual. If you educate a girl, you educate a community'

What is the story about George Washington and the cherry tree?

This is the told story of George Washington and the cherry tree. George Washington was a good little boy. One day, his father got him an ax as a present. George Washington's dad had a big orchard, and just planted a baby cherry tree. "This cherry tree will bloom in the spring, and will grow cherries in the fall" said his father proudly. George was so happy to have his ax that he chopped down the cherry tree! His father was so sad when he saw his broken cherry tree. He didn't know who did it, so he said that anyone who did this will get punished. Finally, George decided to tell his father the truth. So he did, and his father said to him " Oh, George. You could of just said so. I'm not mad at you. You told the truth, and that's all that matters. I forgive you, George, because you didn't know." and so, he took George in his arms and gave him a good hug.

Why did Debra Sampson fight in war?

after her husban because he got shotin so she dreesed like a boy to help them win the warafter they wan Dabra said she was a girl not a boy then they gave her a award it was $10,0000 dollars because she helped them if she didn't helped them she would't had won the war by them solve

What was George Washington myth?

The George Washington myth was a story that Parson Locke Weems made up portraying how honest George Washington was. The story involved George chopping down his father's cherry tree as a young boy, his father asks him if he chopped the cherry tree down and George tells him that he "cannot tell a lie."

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I think he was the boy in the picture many years ago when the "father" was a boy . This is because 1. The picture was old 2. Amby said that he was not her father 3. The "father' asked Amby not to see the boy (can't remember the name) any more

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When does an endangered animal becomes extinct?

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How did lilys Father get her to stop being angry at the boy at the playground?

He told her how he might have felt (out of place, strange) because he was in a different community.

What is is the falling action in th story sounder?

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