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Q: Who said any people who will sacrifice there freedom for security will have nether?
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What freedoms were the people of Napoleon's day willing to sacrifice?

freedom of speach

Do the people of Spain have a abundant energy source or do they import it?


Why did the soldiers sacrifice their lives in World War 1?

They did that so we can have more freedom in America then they had and I cant believe people did not answer this already!!!!!

How do you connect portals in minecraft on the surface without going to the nether?

You have to go to the nether. When people talk about connecting two places on the overworld with portals, they mean you enter the nether through one portal, and exit through the other, but the distance you travelled through the nether is much shorter than if you tried to walk from one of the overworld portals to the other.

What people fought for freedom?

The people fight for justice and freedom

Who would win in a fight kratos or masterchief?

nether are real people so no one would know.

What do people in Latin America want from their governments?

People in Latin America want justice, freedom, security, food and safety from their governments. These are the challenges that Latin Americans have fought over the centuries because they can't seem to have them.

How do you use sacrifice in a sentence?

The sacrifice of the soldiers, bought us our freedom. Sometimes people have to sacrifice things they love. The boy took a sacrifice by running in front of the car. We have to make a sacrifice every year for lent.

When did People's Freedom Union end?

People's Freedom Union ended in 1920.

When was People's Freedom Party created?

People's Freedom Party was created in 2010.

When was The People of Freedom created?

The People of Freedom was created on 2007-11-18.

When was People's Freedom Union created?

People's Freedom Union was created in 1919.